That Time I Let My Youth Throw Food at Me

Why did I ever decide to do this? I drove one of our high school helpers to Kroger and gave her a twenty dollar bill to buy whatever random food she could think of. We laid out a tarp, set of the camera equipment and started rolling. No script, no plan, no rules. This video was filmed in early March when the temperature was in the high 30's... Not a fun time when a jug of milk is poured over your head. As you will see in the video, I was generally prepared for the grossness of the food. I was, however, so ill-prepared for the icy milk and freezing pasta sauce. It turned out to be a pretty chilling experience. Despite it's complete lack of planning, to this day the Food Fight video is a favorite in my youth group. I guess it's not hard to believe that they find pleasure in my suffering.

More than any video we've made, they LOVE this one! Every time we show it, the whole crowd is rolling. I've had a number of kids ask to "help" with a Food Fight Part 2. This video really demonstrates the purpose our video production team. We produce some serious, thought provoking videos too, but I think the real value of video in our group is creating laughter. They make great starters for our youth nights and work really well to break the ice. The key to our success has been always including youth members in our videos. Often they are the subject of our videos. Several of our youth help film and edit our video projects as well. We use video production both as a means of entertaining the whole youth group and as a way for some youth to get involved in the creative process.